I started to play chess, when I was 5 years old. It was funny story. I didn’t want to play chess!:) But my father likes chess, and he asked my first coach Mykola Matvienko to teach me to play chess in kindergarten. I had another job at this time, for example to play with my friends using toys and dolls!:)

My father and coach asked me try to play chess 2 weeks, and if I’ll not like it, no problem-I can forget about this! I was a naive little girl and I said: ”Yes!” I hoped, that after 2 weeks I’ll enjoy to play dolls and etc…:)

After 2 weeks my coach saw, that I like to swim in swimming pool, so he told me, if I want to swim in the future I should study chess. It was terrible news for me! But I decided to do this, because I wanted to swim in swimming pool very much! What would not I do for swimming in the pool!? 🙂

So, I began to study chess and play in the tournaments! Thank you very much my first coach, who made for me all possibilities to play in the different tournaments in my country and also in foreign countries, like Poland, Russia, Belorussia, Romania, Moldova, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, France, UAE. I visited Monaco, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Belgium and Luxemburg. It gives me so much! First of all – practice and experience. I always say to my parents of students, that the best lesson is a game! Tournament is a goal. We can prepare to achieve goals at the tournaments during our lessons. It will be not interesting only to take the lessons if in the future student will not play in the tournaments. As for me, one tournament per month is good. After that there is a time to analyze games, to check it using a computer, to study new openings and to prepare for the next tournament.

I didn’t read books till 14 years old. What can I say? I lost a lot of time. But from this age I read some books everyday. If you want to be a professional chess player you should read books since your childhood. There are many chess books at this time in the world, which are waiting for you…

I graduated from Law college in 2007 year and from extra mural department Law Faculty After-Diploma Institute of Ivan Franko National University in 2009 year.

I became a professional chess player only after college, but in 2009 I stopped to train myself and began to study Tibetan medicine and acupuncture.

I can’t imagine my life without chess,so it was my hobby to give chess lessons,because I love kids very much and really enjoy our lessons!:)
Thank you very much my second coach IM Vladimir Grabinsky, who taught me to play a game with idea to win, who trusted in me and helped to achieve my goals in chess!

Thank you very much my third coach,who is GM and helped me to change totally my openings repertoire in 2017 year!:)

My chess attainments are:

  • Gold medals of Ukraine Championships (girls) – 2001 and 2004
  • Second place (2002 and 2007) and third place (2000 and 2004) in the Championship of Ukraine (girls)
  • First place among women in the international open-tournament “A” Pardubice (CZE)
  • The seventh place (2001) and the ninth place (2004) in the World Championship (girls)
  • The fifth place in the Championship of Ukraine (women) — 2008
  • Coach online at Internet Chess Club – 2009-2017
  • The first place (women) in Open Tournament ” Rethymno 2011″.
  • The first place (women) in Open Tournament “Fujairah masters 2012”- it’s joke:)
  • Coach of ladies at Dubai Chess Club 2014-2015 during 1 year.
  • The second place in Rapid Women Championship of Ukraine – 2015.
  • Resident coach at Saint Louis Chess Club – 2016.
  • I was a commentator of FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship Match (Lviv, 2016)
  • The 2-nd place in Rapid Cup Open Lviv tournament (women-2017).
  • My biggest FIDE ELO rating is 2338.