I am an official vendor and one of the most active teachers in ICC-kvitka.

I can use https://www.chess.com/member/VitaChulivska and https://lichess.org/coach/chessvitacom for my lessons too.

I can give lessons in either English and Russian. I also use a program called Skype, which allow me to communicate with my students through voice-chat and video-chat to better understand my students’ strengths and weaknesses.

For each student I create an individual program of improving the game and I’ll give you the information, what you need to grow! With me you can study openings, typical ideas of middlegame,endgames, and whatever you want. We can also play chess with any time control and analyze your games.

Take my private lessons in chess and it will save your time + money! 🙂

I can take only 5 new students,so if you really want to improve your game and are serious contact me!

Go here and reserve few lessons with the best teacher in the world https://store.chessclub.com/teachers/teacher-kvitka

2 hours course of Tactics Mastery with WGM Vita Kryvoruchko $60

Download PGNs of All Examples From The Video

Download examples covered in the video cours in PGN notation format,so that you can analyze it at your convenience.


1. A rook sacrifice!

2. Beautiful Queen Sacrifice!
3. Compensation for the knight!
4. Queen Sacrifice for the rook and bishop!
5. An amazing combination!
6. How to attack the triple pawns!
7. A briliant move in the losing position!

Рокіровка – 2 год – 60$

Успіх Е.Ласкера і М.Таля – 1.5 год – 60$

В подарунок відео Король без рокіровки 30 хв!

Успіх В.Стейніца і В.Смислова – 2 год – 60$